APSS Winners 2019

Tala Park Prattoy

Tala Park Prattay

Theme Artist : Susanta Paul

Idol Artist : Subrata Karmakar

Theme : Kalpalok (The world of imagination)

The installation is built in the form of a bridge between the finite and the infinite with the idol representing a finite interpretation of The Infinite. Various details and elements across this brilliant installation bring out many themes and commentaries which are relevant in our existence. We find in the pandal, depiction of the nurturing hand & guidance of a mother, message for religious harmony and the inescapable reality of the omnipresence of evil in our daily lives

Naktala Udayan Sangha


Theme Artist :Bhabotosh Sutar

Idol Artist : Bhabotosh Sutar

Theme : Birth

Birth is one of the marvels of existence. After birth, we develop our senses and grow up as beings. This development may drive us towards good or evil. Everyone is searching for a purpose in life and getting trapped in this web of good and evil. The theme of this puja plays with these ironies of existence. The Mahisasur here is asking for a new life from Maa Durga. 10000 pots have been used to make the pandal. The music blends in with the pots in the water creating a unique effect. The myriad installations depict the ups and downs in life.

Barisha Club

Barisha Club

Theme Artist : Rintu Das

Idol Artist : : Uday Shankar Mondal (Prabhu)

Theme : Radiation from mobile towers as a threat to birds and environment

The Barisha Club installation exterior depicts an artificial mobile tower and a dish TV antenna along with skeletons of birds, who die due to high radiation, stuck on the tower. The interior of the pandal depicts Goddess Durga as 'Mother Nature' without weapons. Her hands are giving shelter to the birds