APSS Winners 2015

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3 Best Pujas

Suruchi Sangha

Idol Artist : Naba Pal

Theme artist: Subroto Bannerjee

Theme : Incarnations of Mother

Inspired by the Tamil Nadu Chittirai festival, the central concept is universal motherhood. The pandal has touches of the temple, architecture, dance forms (Kabadiattam) of Tamil Nadu. They have put forward the social message of the ironical treatment of mother as a goddess and mother as a captivated household member. Noteworthy is the idea of 'Akalbodhon' by collaborating Ram and Ravana together.

Chetla Agrani Club

Theme and Idol Artist : Sanatan Dinda

Theme : Metamorphosis & Woman Power

This Puja has tried to uphold the message of women power as well as the power of creation is also being celebrated. The use of stark red and blue colours inside the pandal reflects an eternal clash between two primal forces, i.e., Shiva & Durga, which is essential for every creation. The Goddess does not have any traditional Asura here, instead she is standing over Lord Shiva which again reveals the underlying tone of creation. Interestingly, both the interior and the exterior of the pandal have been curved out of recycled materials, including tin drums, metal shutters, steel spoons, mosquito nets etc.

Selimpur Pally Sports and Recreation Club

Theme and Idol Artist : Sushanta Paul

Theme : Nostalgia

Making the past come alive has been the central theme of Selimpur Pally Durga Puja this year. The entrance to the main pandal has been decorated with thin coir ropes, hack-saws and traditional Bengali hand fans (talpatar pakha). In the background, one can hear the metallic sound of hack-saw as well as the traditional Chandi Paath every Bengali is so familiar with. The idea is to recreate everything that a Bengali mind can associate with Durga Puja. The Goddess here is in her traditional form. Expert craftsmen from Krishnanagar were specially employed to create the royal background, the canopy and the crown of the Goddess. The pandal has been built around a big tree, thus keeping the spirit of an eco-friendly environment alive.