APSS Winners 2019

Thakurpukur State Bank Park Sarbojanin

Thakurpukur State Bank Park Sarbojanin

Theme Artist : Partha Dasgupta

Idol Artist : Partha Dasgupta (assisted by Sudhi Ranjan Mukherjee for the alpona)

Theme : Abahone Alpona

Alpona is something believed to be soft and tender with a lot of emotions. This pujo displays the softness of alpona on the backdrop of the hardness represented by metal. All the decorations inside the pandal are made with metal but have the designs of alpona. Even the jewellery of the idols has alpona designs on paper. The style of alpona which has been used is Rabindra Bhabona. This style of alpona has the elements of the 6 seasons. The music being played is Kothin Loha Kothin Ghume Chilo Ocheton which Rabindranath Tagore wrote for the occasion of Bishwakarma Pujo.