Asian Paints Sharad Shamman 2017

Congratulations to the Winners!

Behala Nutan Dal

Theme Artist : Jogen Chowdhury & Pradip Das

Idol Artist : Pintu Sikdar

Theme : Antarmahal

The 52nd year of Nutan Dal’s Durga Puja celebration has introduced the theme of ‘Antarmahal’, where the word ‘antar’ does not only mean the interiors of home but also of life in itself. An abundance of kulungi, mirrors and kanthas have been used as a symbolism of the prominence of women in the interiors of household. Cloth clips have been used as a portrayal of attachment, showing how a woman holds the family together. The upside down placements of the household elements shows the chaotic side of life in the absence of women. The pratima is traditional and placed atop a singhasan.