APSS Winners 2016

Behala Friends

Idol Artist : Sushanta Paul

Theme : Women as a Caged Entity

The main theme is around the dichotomy of the girl as a commander before marriage and as a caged, enslaved entity after marriage. Using scrap metals and video projections, they have beautifully portrayed the irony of treatment of women in routine life and as a goddess. Using subtle lighting and dark wood furniture, the concept came through very effectively.

Behala Nutan Dal

Theme and Idol Artist : Bhabotosh Sutar

Theme : Fluidity of Life and Death

Celebrating 50 years, they have depicted mother goddess as the epicentre of Samudra manthan of which the eternal fluidity of life(amrita) and death(vish) has emerged. Using biodegradable materials like coir and embroidery cloth, they have presented the theme inspired from mythology. The pots and metal wires have been connected to symbolise the womb and the ever continuity of life.