APSS 2017

Tala Park Pratyay

Tala Park Prattay

Theme Artist : Debasish Barui

Idol Artist : Subrata Mridha

Theme : Mon or Mind

The human mind has infinite possibilities and thoughts, it is this vastness which has been brought to life by this pandal. You are welcomed at the gate with a structure depicting water, then move through fog, droplets of rain, tantric motifs till you find yourself in the cosmos- showing how far the mind go. However, through chained pillars at the sides, the pandal also shows that the mind is chained by responsibilities and attachments. In the end, everything comes together, and we reach Devi Durga, who is shown here as an embodiment of peace.

Suruchi Sangha

Suruchi sangha

Theme Artist : Subrata Banerjee

Idol Artist : Naba Pal

Theme : Unity in Diversity

Artists from Murshidabad and Birbhum have been roped in to make the pandal which has been made out of bamboo cane and sponge gourd. 15 types of bamboos have been collected from across of the country, with an objective to showcase how bamboos can be used to make artworks of international standard. The livelihood of the people who carve out things with bamboos has also been highlighted. They have also highlighted the upcoming Under 17 World Cup event in Kolkata through a football model made with bamboo, with 16 figures surrounding the ball, clad in jerseys of 16 of the participating countries.

Abasar Sarbojanin

Abasar Sarbojanin Durgotsab

Theme Artist : Subrata Banerjee

Idol Artist : Subrata Banerjee

Theme : Global warming and the catastrophic Impact of Climate Change

Built in a shape of a globe, the pandal depicts the adversity of the rising temperature on Earth. As one enters the mandap, nature’s fury takes the shape of a tornado that’s rising right at the centre. But more than the concept what really is unique about the mandap that it has been built with almost 8,000 kgs of glass. Yes, with an array of colours, here artist Subrata Banerjee wanted to highlight the dying heritage of Indian glasswork and industry.

Kumartuli Sarbojanin

Theme Artist : Parimal Pal

Idol Artist : Parimal Pal

Theme : Shraddhanjali or Tribute to Kumartuli Artisans

This pandal honours those artisans who devote their life’s work in creating the beautiful idols that adorn Durga Puja pandals. It also pays respect to the workers, who give their sweat in loading and unloading these idols. The various materials such as paintbrushes, rope, cloth, bamboo which are used in making idols, are used to create the pandal. The Goddess is also depicted as a daughter of the artist. A walk through the pandal is accompanied by a haunting narration of the history of Kumartuli and the struggle of the artisans, written by Tridib Bhattacharya and voiced by Soumitra Chatterjee.

Prafulla Kanan Poschim Adhibasi Brinda

Theme Artist : Purnendu Dey

Idol Artist : Purnendu Dey

Theme : Raanga Maati or Red Earth

This Puja is more of a sculpture installation than a typical pandal having used the five elements of air, water, wind, fire and earth in its portrayal of a rural Bengal setting. It has used different forms of bullock cart, even to prop the Goddess Durga with her children. Earthern sculpture work chiefly made of three types of earth-Ganga mati, Bishnupur mati and Bele maati of Bardhaman are spread across the partly open and partly covered spaces of this Puja. It depicts all the elements in a typical rural setting through various scenes when a woman journeys on a bullock cart from her husband’s home to her paternal home. It also has interestingly shown Ravana being burnt in a earthern chulha or furnace.

Behala Nutan Dal

Theme Artist : Jogen Chowdhury & Pradip Das

Idol Artist : Pintu Sikdar

Theme : Antarmahal

The 52nd year of Nutan Dal’s Durga Puja celebration has introduced the theme of ‘Antarmahal’, where the word ‘antar’ does not only mean the interiors of home but also of life in itself. An abundance of kulungi, mirrors and kanthas have been used as a symbolism of the prominence of women in the interiors of household. Cloth clips have been used as a portrayal of attachment, showing how a woman holds the family together. The upside down placements of the household elements shows the chaotic side of life in the absence of women. The pratima is traditional and placed atop a singhasan.

Nalin Sarkar Street Sarbojanin Durgotsab

Theme Artist : Rintu Das

Idol Artist : Parimal Pal

Theme : Ma tumi Kaar? (Mother who do you belong to?)

This Puja has used the surrounding buildings very successfully and amalgamated it into the temporary pandal with use of chords, bamboo, iron, bamboo and post cards. The spastic childs’ inner angst and longing to reach Ma Durga and be a part of the revelry is shown through numerous postcards. Cages have also been shown to show their inner and physical turmoil of being forgotten. The Goddess Durga is shown as holding Bhagirat in her arm to depict that Ma ignores no one and loves her weakest children the most. The Pandal has a ramp instead of stairs to focus on the need for inclusiveness of all god’s children-those who are abled and those specially abled.

Beliaghata 33 No Palli Bashi Brinda

Theme Artist : Shibshankar Das

Idol Artist : Arun Pal

Theme : Lifecycle

This Puja has tried to emphasize the cycle as its main theme to focus on importance of using cycles as not only as an alternative for controlling or curbing pollution but also for health and fitness reasons. The main attraction of this Puja is that it has used various accessories and parts of the cycle to build the body and elements outside and inside the pandal and also used wall graffiti on the outer walls to promote it as another art form- which is a common scene when young people cycle along the streets of a typical urban setting.

25 Palli Khidderpore

Theme Artist : Rintu Das

Idol Artist : Parimal Pal

Theme : Khutipujo Theke Durga Pujo

On the eve of their 73rd year of Durga Puja Celebration, 25 Palli Sarbojonin Durgotsav Samity have come up with a theme that encompasses around how the arrangement of Durga Puja came into existence. Ample use of wood and fabric has been done to resurface the realistic feel of pre-puja prep up. Numerous spectacles and thermocol eyes portray the innumerable visitors and the musical cacophony of voices showcase the not-so-selfless manner of worshipping the goddess.

State Bank Park Sarbojonin Durgotsav

Theme Artist : Bhobotosh Sutar

Idol Artist : Bhobotosh Sutar

Theme : Selfie

With the 47th year of Puja celebration, State Bank Park Sarbojonin Durgotsav has been adept in bringing up the meaning of ‘selfie’ in the literal sense. The winged chairs depict superficial existence and fake smiling faces while the glass stairs show the deeper brittle side of life. On one hand resides the sanatani Durga with her selfless love and on the other hand resides obsession with the ‘self’. The theme music by Kabir Suman has added an extra essence to the theme.

Bakul Bagan Sarbojanin

Theme Artist : Bimal Samanta

Idol Artist : Arun Pal

Theme : EklaPhera

In today’s digital era, technology has become an electronic addiction for most, taking them out of the physical world as they cling to the features it offers. And like many addictions, there’s an impact on the number and quality of human relationships. Through their theme this year ‘EklaPhera’, they have tried to create a beautiful ambience within their premises which showcases and highlights the importance of family bondings, neighbourly care and genuine love and concern for one and all. The pandal is constructed with Concaich Bamboo, which they have procured from Tripura.

Tala Barowari

Theme Artist : Subrata Banerjee

Idol Artist : Subrata Banerjee

Theme : The world in 50 years

This pandal aims to highlight destruction of natural resources by mankind and the disastrous effects of the same. The world in 50 years, shown here is one where trees are almost in ruin, oxygen is in scarcity, water levels have gone down and man is completely dependent on medicines for survival. In such a catastrophic state, man turns to Ma Durga for salvation, which she provides in the form of alternative sources of energy- be it solar energy, wind energy or lithium ion batteries. Ma Durga is the one constant in this apocalyptic world and is shown in traditional attire.