About APSS 2010

Judges award categories

Hatibagan Nabin Pally

Artist (Theme): Gopal Poddar

Drawing (Truck Paintings): Haider Ali
Mumtaz Ahmed
Md. Iqbal

In a bid to take the estranged neighbors closer at least in terms of culture and work of art; Nabin Pally has portrayed the truck arts of Pakistan in the puja and has offered an environment of communal harmony and unity. The organizers have brought the Pakistani truck painters here to paint the walls of the pandal. The most significant part of the puja is that the idol is made of spare parts of various automobiles. The inspiration behind the theme emerged out of colorful paintings on trucks of Pakistan; have tried to propagate the communal harmony amongst India and Pakistan.

Kashi Bose Lane

Artist (Theme): Shib Shankar Das

Artist (Idol): Siddharta Pal

Nature is the basic inspiration behind the theme of Kashi Bose Lane Puja. Goddess Durga here represents rejoicing mood of the people and 'Kash'- the white flower of Autumn spreads the message of her appearance and has justly created the aura. Whenever the environment caters essence of goodness; Goddess sends the communiqué of her coming. The idol here portrays three spiritual eyes of the good spirit and is placed on the lap of nature. Kash flowers along with the conventional guise of Durga expresses the overwhelming beauty of Mother Nature and Durga.


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