About APSS 2010



Artist: Badal Chandra Pal

This pandal is a visual delight, the whole pandal is in the shape of Sun adorned with it's crown of multicolored rays. The decoration is very intelligently done with coloured wall-putty on wire meshes. The putty has been applied with the same technique as applying heena on palms – using a cone.

Village culture is depicted on the side wall decorations leading to the pandal. Lights have been extensively used to bring this pandal alive. When the lights are switched off during day, the Sun seems to be rising and when the lights are in their full glory at night, the Sun seems to be setting. This visual trickery is based on the backdrop of a tastefully created sea horizon.

Suruchi Sangha

Artist: Nabya Pal

Maintaining the tradition of portraying environmental crisis, Suruchi Sangha this year is portraying Marine Pollution.

A beautiful pandal which combines multiple facets of marine life in the most innovative in terms of sand models, sea shells and coconuts. The goddess Durga is also dressed in the vibrant colours of a Goan dress.

The theme is to uphold the message that we all should participate to preserve our water bodies. They have portrayed the state of Goa which is one of the most frequented tourist spots. They have observed that the tourists have ended up ruining the ecological balance, directly affecting our marine life. The various sea animals are shown pleading to Goddess Durga for their lives.

The Pandal has also used the famous Protuguese ceramic paintings and dotted paintings to signify the Goan culture. The theme is "Save the Sea to Save Lives".


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