About APSS 2010

Judges award categories

Ultadanga Pallyshree

Idol Artist : Soumen Paul and Susanta Paul

Theme Artist : Susanta Paul

In Ultadanga Pallyshree's words, "Peace is not an option - it is the compulsion of the time". While the world is shivered with wars, Ultadanga Pallyshree has permeated the message of peace and upheld the necessity of eternal tranquility. The colour white has been used as the symbol of peace and the Goddess is here in an optimum serene mood just after killing the demons of the time. They have displayed the chaotic and unplanned situation of the city despite which the residents are residing in peace- the multistoried, standing tall beside the slums and thus, the beauty of natural peace emanates from its aura. Vanquishing the evil power Maa has the tranquil guise accessing toward spiritual salvation.

Suruchi Sangha (New Alipore)

Idol Artist : Naba Pal

Theme artist: Subrata Banerjee

This year's theme is twofold - encompassing world peace along with the cultural and artistic brilliance of Chattisgarh. The artisans of Chattisgarh have meticulously hand crafted wrought iron metal work as well as intricately hand-carved wood. Goddess Durga has been depicted with only two hands to honour the Chattisgarh tribal tradition of worshipping their human ancestors. The deity is placed in the centre of all creations of the universe enhancing her spiritual significance. Figurines made of "papier mache" (a mixture of glue, water and paper) portraying people of all races holding hands; conveys the message of world peace.


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