APSS Winners 2022

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Arjunpur Amra Sabai

Arjunpur Amra Sabai Club

Theme Artist : Bhabatosh Sutar

Idol Artist : Bhabatosh Sutar

Theme : Shokal

This year the puja theme encompasses the image of the rising sun which is a symbol of a new day and new energy. In this pandal, the journey of a labourer has been shown and they have been provided them with much awaited respect. Bhabatosh Sutar beautifully represents how these labourers define power by their potential to drive the sun.

Vivekananda Park Athletic Club

Vivekananda Park Athletic Club

Theme Artist :Susanta Paul

Theme & Idol Artist : Susanta Paul and Adhir Paul

Theme : Perspective (Different Point Of View)

Human beings have an unique ability to see and realise things or visuals in different ways. Perspective in visual art usually refers to representation of three-dimensional objects in two-dimensional artworks. The pandal is like an architectural drawing of an old mansion’s courtyard or thakur dalan but laid on its side, iron skeleton exposed, completely skewing the viewer’s perspective. The endeavour has been to convert the linear perspective from a different point of view of the architectural design of a conventional temple, into a three-dimensional panorama.

Thakurpukur State Bank Park Sarbojanin

Thakurpukur State Bank Park Sarbojanin

Theme Artist : Partha Dasgupta

Idol Artist : : Partha Dasgupta

Theme : Lok Shilpo Probaho

Their theme aims at spreading awareness about the talented artisans from different districts of Bengal. The pandal resembles a museum which restores various kinds of art and crafts made by the artisans. Terracotta work of Bishnupur adorns the two sides of the pandal. Nine boats, made by artisans of Balagarh village in Hooghly, have also been installed at the pandal, with special lights fitted to depict water flowing beneath them. They have also used the kantha stich or nakshi kantha made by an adivasi sibling. Even the Durga idol is holding the work of kantha stich and protecting it.

Chorebagan Sarbojanin Durgotsab Committee

Chorebagan Sarbojanin Durgotsab Committee

Theme Artist :Bimal Samanta

Idol Artist : Subrata Mridha

Theme : Antarshakti

This year, Chorebagan Sarbojanin Durgotsab has depicted the essence of human willpower with the sheer use of glass bottles. Bottles, when unbroken, serve as a container and are a portrayal of the goodness in man. But broken glass is hurtful and shows the demonic power of injuring others. The inner power materialization and destruction has been skillfully shown by the theme artist.

Chetla Agrani Club

Chetla Agrani Club

Theme Artist : Subrata Banerjee

Idol Artist : Subrata Banerjee

Theme : Sholokolay Purno

They have portrayed the green industry through their theme ‘Sholokolay Purno’ (fulfilment of all aspects/ ‘Kola’ is also the Bengali word for banana), dwelling on the role of banana trees, as an inseparable part, in every ritual of Hindu Bengali households. The entire pandal is decked with adornments made out of Banana fibre, and the process of extracting fibre from the stems, and sculpting them into installations.


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